Fund Requirements

Purchase Exemptions and Minimum Investment Requirements

The funds From Celernus Investment Partners “Celernus” include Celernus Mortgage and Income Trust Fund “CMIT”, Celernus Mortgage and Income Trust Fund II “CMIT II”, Celernus Absolute Growth Fund “CAGF”, Celernus Balanced Income Fund “CBIF”, Celernus Pivot Private Credit Fund “CPPCF” and the Model Portfolios.  Celernus funds are typically available to investors who can meet certain eligibility requirements.  

Accredited investors: The minimum initial investment is $25,000 for Units or such lesser amounts as the Manager, on behalf of the particular Fund, may accept.

Non-accredited investors other than in the Province of Alberta: The minimum initial investment is $150,000 for Units of the Funds. Additional subscriptions for Units shall be for not less than $1,000. See "Purchase of Units".

Minimum Amount Exemption: This exemption is available to investors who are not individuals and the minimum initial purchase amount is $150,000.00. Investors should contact their investment dealer or Financial Advisor for more information regarding these exemptions and their requirements.

If you qualify under any of the above exemptions and can comfortably invest the minimum dollar amount specified, please accept the disclaimer below to learn more about funds Celernus offers.

If you are a registered Portfolio Manager with a client in a fully managed account, there is no minimum purchase amount. There is a bulk subscription agreement that can be used to execute purchases for managed accounts.