Celernus Mortgage and Income Trust Fund

The Celernus Mortgage and Income Trust (CMIT) launched May 1, 2013. CMIT’s investment objective (to be accomplished indirectly by investments held in the Celernus Mortgages LP) is to provide investors with consistent monthly income while simultaneously protecting capital. Celernus Mortgages LP will invest directly in mortgages with a loan to value measure that provides a desirable degree of security of capital. In addition to Celernus Mortgages LP, the fund will invest in other asset-backed debt, government and corporate bonds and debentures, convertible debt, common equities, warrants, preferred shares, trust units, REITS, derivative instruments and other securities. As of December 30, 2022 this fund is closed to new subscriptions.

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Celernus Mortgage and Income Trust II

This fund launched on January 3, 2023 and is the successor fund to the original CMIT. The fund’s investment objective is to invest all or substantially all of its net assets in the Celernus Mortgages LP. Celernus Mortgages LP holds a diversified portfolio of mortgages along with other fixed income investments, all with a goal of providing low volatility consistent returns.

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Celernus Pivot Private Credit Fund

Celernus Pivot Private Credit Fund (CPPCF) is a secured commercial lending fund focused on financing the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Celernus Absolute Growth Fund

The Celernus Absolute Growth Fund principally invests in a diversified portfolio of actively-managed, private equity real estate assets. The fund augments its exposure to equity real estate assets with investments in mortgage-backed securities, private credit assets and other alternative fixed income securities. The strategy of the Celernus Absolute Growth Fund is twofold: 1. To generate sufficient cash flow to provide positive monthly returns, and 2. To achieve meaningful capital gains by purchasing, developing and monetizing real estate assets.

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Celernus Balanced Income Fund

The Celernus Balanced Income Fund's (CBIF) investment objective is to generate positive absolute returns with an emphasis on capital preservation and low correlation to traditional equity and fixed income markets.

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